The Memoreyes turnkey solution brings
together an unprecedented set of advanced
capabilities with remarkably affordable financing


  • All products available as a risk-free short term lease
    – Service, support and software upgrades included
  • Products can also be purchased
  • 200 door community lease approx. $800/month

No Capital Expenditure

We deliver a fully leased solution with no upfront capital expenditure on equipment and a short-term lease. You pay upfront for a low cost installation of the equipment only.  We also can provide alternative financing structures that work best for your business.

Remarkably Affordable

In a typical apartment community, the cost of a leased complete Memoreyes system is only about $800 per month for a 200 door community.  Installation for a 200 door community only takes a few days and costs on average about $5,500.

No Maintenance Expenses and Future Proof

We maintain it and upgrade it, for as long as you lease it.  Our leased solution eliminates the risk of investing in technology that might soon be obsolete.

Lower Property Damage Costs

In addition to deterring property damage, such as recurring damage to gate arms, we enhance your ability to identify perpetrators and recover repair costs.

Reduce Security Guards and No Live Monitoring Required

Our solution is fully automated, reducing the need for security patrols and human eyes to monitor video feeds.

Reduce Vendor Overbilling With Verified Vendor Visits

Automated license plate recognition, coupled with a database of known contractor plate numbers, provides a verified audit trail of vendor visits – improving oversight and reducing overbilling.

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